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Deleting Profile

Not that I've been here very long...
But I have to delete my profile thanks to message-board-stalkers who I work with. : (

So much for being helpful and sharing TK with them! 

Re: Deleting Profile

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    edited December 2011
    Can't they see this too?

    Make a new screen name.  :)
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    September196September196 member
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    When I delete my profile do my posts stay up?  Because if so, that defeats the whole purpose...
    I don't know if I should make a new one, I'd have to use fake names and everything. 
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    bsn1752bsn1752 member
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    You have to email the knot to be able to delete your profile I believe... or be banned.  And I don't think I'm allowed to ban you without sufficient grounds.

    You can create a new profile.
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