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bridal party gifts

Hi I need help on bridal party gifts.  I am thinking I am going to get my bridesmaids Coach wristlets with lip gloss, and compact mirrors in them.  But my soon to be hubby is having difficulty figuring something out for his groomsman.  He wants something original, and something that they would actually use!!  Ideas or suggestions needed!!! TIA

Re: bridal party gifts

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    For the guys, you could always do something unique for each one.  Some guys are into golf so maybe getting them something golf related.  Some guys like to cook out so maybe get them a grill set..they make personalized ones too.  Or you could always do something personalized by each guys favorite team or favorite alcohol.  On ebay, I found flasks that were printed with the logos of various liquors (i.e. captain morgan, jagermeister, etc).  You could give them a flask and then give them a small bottle of liquore that you can find at a local store.  Hope that helps!

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    We're getting our Bridal Party gift cards to different places that each of them like. Like my MOH's favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, so I'm getting her a gift card for there, and one of my bridesmaids loves Blue Pacific, so she's getting one from there. We're doing the same for the guys. That way we know everyone will use them and enjoy them.
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    Love the gift card idea... I was MOH in friend's wedding a few years ago and LOVED the gift card they gave me to my fav restaurant... Since my girls will be traveling from all over the country, I am probably going to do something like the gift card also! The coach wristlet is also a popular wedding gift too -- thought about that too!
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