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I've been trying to lose weight on my own since January.. I reached a 17 lb weightloss then just started going backwards. I gained back 7 lbs and I've been stuck at my current weight for 6 weeks and i'm tired of it. I started my new job and we moved.. so I've been really stressed. I know that's no excuse but I need help! So i'm officially starting weight watchers tomorrow! I'm really excited. Best part is.. FH decided to do it with me! (he really only needs to lose about 30 lbs) where I on the other hand should lose another 60. Ughhh!

Anyone have any helpful suggestions or secrets that help them have sucess with WW?

TIA! =] 

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    I started WW in Dec and am down about 10 lbs.  Bite it and write it is key and so is going to meetings. I love several lbs the first months I did it but then stopped tracking when work got crazy and I moved too.  I started tracking again and started losing again.  I have again fell of the wagon two weeks ago.  So now I am going to start again on Tues.  Exercising helps. Just walking or biking helps a lot. 
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    Hey ladies,

    I've been doing WW too!  Just had my week 6 weigh in yesterday and I'm down 11.4lbs!!  I'm thinking that i'll be able to lose all the weight before our wedding! Very excited.  Hope you ladies all have success with your weight loss too!
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    I started WW in late December.  I lost 27 pounds in about 4 months and I have been maintaining my weight for the last month.  I did it online and didn't attend the meetings.  My advice is to stick with it.  The first week or two is hard because you'll be very hungry...but your body will get used to it.  And it will make you realize just how much you were eating.  And it will eventually become a little game -- trying to figure out how to eat the more filling foods and staying within your points. 

    My second piece of advice is to let those nearest and dearest to you know you're doing WW.  It helped that my friends and family understood because they would keep me in mind when planning meals, where to go to dinner, etc.  Also, FI was really supportive, asked me how my weigh-ins went, etc.

    Also, post on the WW accountability thread every day -- it will help you plan out your meals, get advice/ideas from other girls, and support.
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