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Zero Results!

Am i the only one that's been hitting the gym since sept and have NOT lost 1 pound! I have gained, and my clothes are not fitting better. I had to buy new jeans and everything....... I'm runing out of time, what do i do?

Re: Zero Results!

  • Have you been tracking your calories? Running a full mile only burns around 100 calories.. That means to work off a banana or a small glass of orange juice, you may need to run 1.5-2 miles. So exercise alone isn't nearly enough to lose weight. Try tracking your calories on - you may be shocked at how much you're actually eating...

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  • I fell into that rut in college at one point. I was doing  cardio for an hour at the gym- prob burning around 200 cals. Then because I had worked out I was hungrier and ate a little more so I negated the calorie burn. Start a food log to see if you're doing the same thing- fitday, spark people, lose it, etc. have good ones on line or on your smartphone
  • I've learned from the past that if you aren't combining healthy food with exercise, then you're getting stronger and have better endurance, but you don't really lose weight or inches. Try tracking your food intake with WW online, Sparkpeople, or the dailyplate. You can not only monitor your food intake, but it will let you know what kind of foods will be better for you while you're actively going to the gym. I once lost 20 lbs on diet alone, so I know how powerful the food is in your weight loss. Good luck! And don't get discouraged!
  • Um, don't kill me board members...Let me preface this with this: Rock on, that's awesome that you are doing it the right way, and not looking for a quick fix.  But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  I train with a trainer, eat right, but I was in the same boat.  I went to a weight loss clinic, got a perscription appetite suppressant and a B12 Lipo shot.  Dropped 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks.  The place I go here has a Milwuakee location too: 262-248-SLIM.  Yes, I told my trainer about it- she isn't happy, and punishes me with wall squats, but...I hear ya.

  • Um, yeah.  Don't do exactly what hughe did.  Quick fixes don't last.  Also, with the food journalling, make sure you're eating enough as well. 
  • I gain weight when I exercise unless I am dieting too.  The exercise tends to make me more hungry and I eat more without noticing it.  As others had suggested, try a food journal with food measurements to see exactly how many calories you're taking in a day. 
  • Please don't go to the Medical weight loss place or any other place that promises quick fixes.  I know it sounds really tempting-I'll admit to sometimes being tempted, but I went and looked at the website.  It can't possibly be a reputable place much less safe.  It's not even in Milwaukee!  It's 40 minutes away.  Please don't drive 40 minutes to hurt your health.  If you're looking for help in Mke, I know it's expensive but the Wisconsin Athletic Club is great.  They also have some cross fit groups if you're looking for something like that.
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  • Thanks for all your help!
    Okay, so this is what i have been up to -

    sept-dec - 2 days a wk at the gym. Tried to eat healthy, but failed. no results.

    Jan-now - 3 days a wk at the gym, eating better, but not perfect.

    my workouts are 3 miles or 45 mins of cardio ( tread, elipt, and stepper rotated)  and weights 2 x week.

    My man and a girlfriend of mine said they can tell in my legs...but are they just being kind?

    im not overweight by any means,i just want to be thinner and tone for my big day and the beach!

    im 5'4 and 138#'s . I have til 04/17/10

    im perfectly fine with keeping my dumptruck ass and thick thighs, i just want the rest to go away! No more muffin tops!

  • Technically speaking, weight loss is simple.  If Calories In < Calories Out then weight goes down. 
    However, there are other aspects.  Muscle burns more calories than other tissues, so people with more muscle mass burn more calories.  Not all calories are created equal either.  100 cals from Dorito's will not be treated the same by your body as 100 cals from meat.

    Spend a few days tracking EVERYTHING you eat using a site like Sparkpeople or Livestrong.  You'll likely be astonished. 

    Also, eating too little (< 1200 cal/day) will stall your weight loss, so make sure you're getting enough calroies as well.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Ditto raynes -- you really need to carefully watch every bite you put in your mouth.

    I have many times heard that how your body looks depends more on your diet than on exercise. Which really makes sense when you think about burning maybe 300 cals in 45 min on the elliptical -- that's about one frozen dinner of the Lean Cuisine or WW variety, or ONE small protein shake, or about 2 cups of tofu and veggie stir fry. And maybe HALF an order of SMALL fries.

    I think you will see really great results if you keep up the workouts AND start keeping a food journal on sparkpeople or a similar site.

    Personally, I pay for Weight Watchers online, b/c paying for it keeps me motivated to stick with it.

    But even just having a word document where you write down everything you eat and email it to a buddy every week will help make you more aware of what you're putting in and will help you focus on making better choices.

    Another thing you could do is buy a heart rate monitor to monitor the intensity of your workouts and how many calories you burn working out.

    Good luck, and please keep us updated on your progress! This is a great board for support, so stick around!
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  • Thanks girls!
    I do eat a lot, i will try to do a journal.
    Im a eat less more often kinda girl! I have changed all junk to 100 caloruie pack junk!
    I guess i assumed there would be results by now, considering i have never gone to the gym until 09/2009!

  • Try adding stregth into your routine.  Mixing it up can make a heck of a difference in losing weight.
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  • Mention it to your doctor. I had that problem (along with a few other things like irregular periods) and it turned out that I had PCOS. My doctor put me on medication and I started to lose weight.
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