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plus-size lbs per dress size?

In your experience, or what you've been told, how many pounds does it take to drop a size in women's sizes (I know smaller people will change size  faster)?  I'm (stil) obsessing about which size to buy my dress in...   The lady at David's Bridal told me that they advise people 20lbs per size, but I'm nervous!   
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Re: plus-size lbs per dress size?

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    Bridal sizes and street clothes sizes are so completely different that it's nearly impossibe to say.  You could look up the sizing chart for the designer you're interested in and look at the inches.

    But as Nebb said, ordering a dress that's too small with the hopes of losing the weight in time is just not a good idea.  Wait as long as you reasonably can (after talking to the bridal salon and the seamtress who'll be doing the alterations), order what fits you at the time, and then have it altered down.

    Good luck!
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    I've lost 20 pounds and still wear the same street size I did when I started. Except my clothes were tight and I needed stretch jeans back then. ;-) Now they fit a LOT better but I'm not ready to buy new clothes yet. I probably have another 10-15 pounds to go before they are really loose. And until I'd fit into a smaller wedding dress size. Actually, when I went shopping, the woman helping me said I'd probably need to lose 30 pounds to fit into the next size down. So for me, larger sizes requre more weight loss. But everyone's body is different.
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