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Biking to work

 I just FINALLY got my bike all ready to start riding to work. I'm so excited. :)

Does anyone on here bike or walk to work?

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    glam70sglam70s member
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    I've thought about running to work.. In the end I decided I'm not a fan of either using the showers at work or being sweaty all day.. I admire those who have the dedication to do it, though!
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    raynesraynes member
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    Oh man, I wish.  Some of the crazy hardcore people here have biked to work in the past, but it's 36 km each way with a killer hill at the end (on the way home, 150m elevation change in less than 2km).

    When I lived in town I used to walk to work, but that was only a few km each way.

    I say, if you can do it, do it!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    My mom does all the time. I can't because it would take me over an hour, and I start at 5am. So biking in the dark isn't that safe.
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    I bike to work in spring/summer/fall (I don't like biking in the dark) a few days a week. We have a great locker room at work, so I bring my clothes in for the week on Monday, then when I get to work, shower and get ready there.

    I love having a built in workout every day. I ride between 7-9 miles each way (sometimes I choose to take a longer way) with hills. S/O also rides to work, but his ride is shorter (only 3 miles), so he just wears his normal clothes, but doesn't ride when it's raining in the morning.
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    Weather depending, I try to bike one day a week.  I don't ride if there is rain in the forecast.  Now that it's getting hotter though, I hope I can keep it up without being a sweaty hot mess :)
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    Unfortunately, there's a mountain range between my house and work. Lol! Commuting through the canyon by bike would be taking my life in my hands, take me at least an hour or two and be really hard! Occasionally I see people do it, though. (It's about 9.5 miles to my office.) FI has mentioned biking to his office - it's about 10 miles away, but very flat. He also has showers at work.

    Sometimes, especially in the summer when it stays light longer, I'll buy a monthly metro pass. The metro station is a little over a mile from my house. I'll take the subway/bus to work and get a LOT of extra walking in that way.
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