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yay friday! weekend plans, ladies?

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I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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Re: TGIF WW Accountability

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    Woohoo for Friday! We were supposed to have our engagement pics on Sunday but looks like rain so we will have to reschedule...other plans. That's my kind a weekend! RELAX!

    B- protein shake (2), 1 c. cantaloupe (1)
    S- Kashi Trail mix granola bar (2)
    L- Yoplait smoothie (3), vita top (1), some sort of fruit (1)
    S- Fiber one yogurt (0), granola (3)
    D-tilapia (3), veggies (1)

    Total- 17
    Target- 18
    Exercise - gym in AM for 1.25 hrs
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    that sucks about the rain, lisa, maybe next weekend will be better?

    B: coffee #1 (3), coffee #2 (2), banana (2)
    L: burrito (4)
    D: tbd

    Total: 11
    Target: 25

    i have my church choir concert this satuday adn the rest of the weekend will be working on my house and putting together invitations!

    House Renovations
    Married Bio


    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
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    I'm headed to Florida on Wednesday morning for 6 days (for my cousin's wedding) so my weekend will include laundry, trying to figure out what summer clothes still fit, and trying to cram all my stuff in a carry-on bag since I refuse to pay to check my luggage.

    On a side note, after my first week in maintenance mode, my weight fluctuated up 0.2 lbs so that's good.

    B: jello/fruit (1), bagel thin/LC cheese (2)
    S: Fiber One bar (2)
    L: Smart Ones (5), raw veggies (0)
    S: grapes (2)
    D: pizza, 2 pieces (10)

    Total: 22
    Target: 24

    E: probably just using the elliptical at home
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    Great job JH!  That's barely a fluctuation at all. 
    Hope everyone's weekend is great.  I am taking it easy and hopefully I'll start p90x (if I can motivate myself!)

    P.S.  I was VERY good yesterday at the baseball game!  NO BEER, NO PRETZEL.  We brought in our own food and I had a veggie sandwich with avocado, hummus, lettuce, sprouts, tomato and provolone on whole grain and a little taste of a brownie. Still ate over my points, but made healthier choices!

    B:  0% greek yogurt, strawberries and mangoes (3)
    L: salad w cheese and light dressing on side (4)
    D: ???

    total: 7
    goal: 20

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    I went to the gym last night with my roommate & I also got up early this morning to go back to the gym! I'm so proud of myself. :) However, I mostly went because I severely overate last night. I went to a party and brought 3 low-points options, and ate a TON! Oh well...
    Weekend - WI tomorrow, and my roommate's wedding shower my parents are hosting for her. Sunday I'm singing in church. Also studying for finals ALLLL weekend. I'll be done by Tuesday though!

    S: WW mini bar (1)
    B: smoothie - really weird combo, but soooo good (don't judge!)... WW chocolate shake mix (1), unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (1), natural peanut butter (2.5), 2 1/2 cups spinach (0), ice (0)
    S: 1 cup pretzels (1)
    L: grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat (1), lean ham (1), lf cheese (1), progresso light soup (1)
    S: tbd
    D: mango-glazed chicken drumsticks (3), steamed snow peas, broccoli, and red peppers w/soy sauce (1)

    E: 1 hr elliptical (am), 2 hr ballet class, 1 hr elliptical (pm)

    Total: 13.5
    Target: 29
    WI: Tomorrow

    EDIT: the elliptical is my ideal study time. I have ridiculously long chapters to read that I otherwise fall asleep while doing.
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    Hope y'all have fun this weekend!

    B - yogurt, berries, granola (3.5)
    L - pasta & broccoli; veggie burger (6)
    D - chipotle (10)

    (normally I try not to eat the majority of my points at night, but I luuuurve chipotle so much, and I refuse to feel bad about it! I figure as long as I stay in my points and work out the next day, I should be all right. :)

    Total: 19.5
    Target: 22

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