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My Legs HATE ME!

My wedding is in September and I would like to tone up and get into shape. I ran for the first time in about 3 years on Monday. I was trying to go all champion about it and I ran 3 miles. The plan was to run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays....however, today is Wednesday and I can barely walk from Monday. I've tried advil, but my legs just HURT. Should I try to go again today and tone it down to like half a mile and suffer through it or should I take a break? I dont know very much about exercising, but now I know why I dont run lol
Advice is appreciated!! Someone out there has to know more about this stuff than I do.....
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Re: My Legs HATE ME!

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    You may be pleasantly surprised if you try to run today.  I usually find that walking/running really helps loosen up sore legs and I bet you won't even feel the soreness once you get going.
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    Your muscles are just surprised by the hard work because they're not used to it. If you take a break for the rest of the week and try again next week, you'll just feel this again next week, but if you suffer through this week it shouldn't be so painful next week because your muscles will be getting used to the work. Make sure you always stretch before you start, too! That'll help the pain a little, and it'll help prevent pulled muscles and that kind of thing. Work out today however you plan to work out in the future.
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    I'd suggest a more gentle workout than Monday but still include some running.  The couch to 5k program is great for people who haven't run before (or recently).  You can google it and maybe try one of the beginning workouts.
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    Ditto on the C25K program.  You really need to ease into running or you could hurt your legs.  Muscle soreness generally isn't a reason to skip an exercise--its normal if its just soreness from not being used to working the muscles.  working them consistently at an adequate level will get your legs used to this.  

    However, I suggest changing your workout and easing into it rather than "going all champion."  Otherwise, you likely won't keep up with the exercise because you'll be discouraged, rather than motivated by your workout.  Look up the couch to 5k program--i'm doing it now, and its easing me into running a 5k length run.  Its a challenge, but in a good way, and I usually don't feel that I have to "suffer through" the work outs.  I generally enjoy them.
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