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Successful Holiday Eating- what's your strategy?

While I don't view the holidays as a time to overindulge, nor do I plan on stuffing myself over full at every meal. However, it is the time that coworkers bring in mounds of cookies, truffles, and donuts (yes, I speak for my office :-P). It got me started thinking about how I was going to enjoy holiday meals and parties while staying true to my healthy lifestyle, and without being the girl who only eats only spinach and broccoli at every holiday meal (if thats you, I apologize, I don't mean to offend). Do you have a plan going into the holidays? If so, what is it? 
I think that mine is going to be to work one treat (one cookie, one truffle, etc.) into my every day points so I'm still participating, but not eating the whole tray. As for big day-of meals, I want to enjoy my favorites, but at small portions, and not eat the stuff that I only kinda like that happens to be laying around.

Re: Successful Holiday Eating- what's your strategy?

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    My plan is the same for any family or birthday party or even bbq.  I always eat my meal before I go.  I pick one treat to focus on.  I don't eat sugar and when I do I get the headache of my life so I stay away from the sweets.  I usually have a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 
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    My plan is to eat only broccoli and spinach... just kidding.

    I take a taste of the things I like, instead of a pile.  Or I'll grab a salad plate instead of a dinner plate - there is a sense that when we're stacking our food that we have to fill the plate, even if it's too much food.  So I just fill a smaller plate.
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