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Thursday Accountability

Good morning!!!  I have pretty much no groceries in the house so Im going to make the best of it!
B- 2 slices light wheat toast with peanut butter, coffee--no eggs! Yell
S- greek yogurt
L-  probably going to run out for a salad.....left the last piece of chicken breast at home for FI to eat
D- hopefully going gorcery shopping right after work....will pick up something healthy for dinner

E- NROL4W level 1 workout 7A

Re: Thursday Accountability

  • I love Thursday. It always seems to say, "You're gonna make it!"
    B: oatmeal w/ strawberries, coffee & soy milk
    S: almonds & prunes
    L: Sel. Harvest Sausage & vegetable soup, applesauce
    D: Turkey burgers & broccoli

    E: HIIT bike & lifting

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  • b - sandwich thin w/ natural PB
    s - ff greek yogurt 
    l - TBD. either salad w/ salmon or going out with a friend
    s - kashi bar
    d - chicken, asparagus, sweet potato
    s - mango & strawberries

    e - don't know when I'm gonna squeeze this in, but I need to do 45-60 min of SOMETHING!
  • Good morning!

    B: 2 eggs over easy, 2 slices double-fiber multigrain bread, strawberries
    L: Tofu ceasar salad
    D: ??? It's FI's birthday, so probably going out for something

    E: walk 3 miles
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  • Wooooo Thursday!

    B: PB Banana shake, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: plain ff yogurt w/ protein powder
    L: Tuna Avocado salad
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ craisins (so tasty)
    D: TBD - Going to Home Depot when I get home from the gym, so maybe Subway?  Or possibly a burger.   Mmmmm burger.

    E: NROL4W Stage 3A Workout 2 (kinda excited for this, except for the body weight matrix, 3A is fun!)
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • B- homemade whole wheat bagel
    S- granola bar, also homemade
    L- turkey chili with a corn tortilla
    S- fruit salad (cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries) and an apple
    D- grilled chicken sandwich with sauteed onions and avocado
    E- C25K wk4, squats and lunges, pulling weeds
  • Thursday!!! Your finally here!!!

    B: bagel thin, egg beaters, cheese (200)
    S: none
    L: Work is thoughing a pizza party so I will just have two slices of plain cheese pizza (400)
    S: None
    D: Something with turkey sausage, since that is what I set out.

    E: walk with the pups.
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  • B: Vanilla protein shake w/mixed berries and flax oil
    L: Egg and eggwhite scramble with onions, peppers, and tomatoes
    S: Vanillla protein shake w/mixed berries
    D: Onion soup, baked tilapia, green beans
    S: If I'm still hungry, another shake

    E: Swimming, yoga
  • almost friday... almost friday.

    b - kashi cereal, skim milk
    l - 6" chicken breast from subway
    s - apple, string cheese
    s - greek yogurt
    d - other 6" of subway
    s - probably tea, and something sweet

    e - 3 mile jog this morning.  it was painful, but i got through it.
  • So late to this post! Bad, long day at work. Really excited for my good friend's wedding this weekend and all our grad school friends coming into town. Have to not go crazy at the open bar and hors dhoevres tomorrow! Why are finger foods so delicious and tempting?
    B: FF Greek yogurt w/strawberries, walnuts; black tea with sugar and H&H
    S: Carrots & hommus
    L: Small spinach salad with bell peppers, broccoli, green beans & goat cheese. Having a terrible day at work so I decided to treat myself with three mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Potbelly. So bad. I looked up the nutritional info and they are 100 calories each! Uggggh. I am putting the rest of the bag in the kitchen.
    D: Pork chop w/onions & apples; broccoli rabe, sesame kale (no dessert after my little lunch binge)

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  • Started the day off with a terrible binge, so I'm going to be good the rest of the day/week. It's finals hell-week, but at least I'll be done with school forever after this! Except for the bar exam. Oh well. 

    L - Cosi Flatbread meat trio pizza, unsweetened ice tea
    S - Kashi Go Lean cereal and almond milk
    D - Salad with grilled chicken, cucumbers, goat cheese and radish
    S - Strawberries and blackberries
    Midnight snack, pulling an all nighter - LF Greek yogurt, sugar free redbull 

    E - 50 min. cardio/circuit training workout video
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