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Getting in Shape

Not really health and fitness, but...

Does anyone know of an affordable and well-working facewash? I've tried some from Neutrogena and Clearasil and have also used straight up soap. None have worked. I'm so tired of breaking out and looking like a teenager. And my wedding is in 4 months...definitely want clear skin by then!

Re: Not really health and fitness, but...

  • Many people swear by Proactiv and it is sold in most malls now. One warning is that it has peroxide and will lighten towels. Good luck. Try the Beauty Board!
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  • NebbNebb member
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    The only thing that works on my chin (the only place I get zits for some reason) is clearasil scrub of some kind, its all I can use. Other products made me break out WORSE.
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  • I'd suggest going to a dermatologist.  I use differin and it completely cleared my face up.
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  • It may be possible that you are over cleansing.  Try using something for normal skin.  I know that I was having a hard time with breakouts and when I got a facial the esthetician told me to switch.  My skin has been much nicer since then.
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  • My face has actually gotten better since I stopped using so much acne product. I now use Lush products for my face. Unfortunately for me, the moisturizer they have that works for me is $90 a jar...but it works. Love the Herbalism and Dark angels and then tea tree water. I only cleanse at night before bed, usually don't in the morning and my skin has gotten better.
  • I LOVE and find that it works miricles...its costco's version of proactive (its a little cheaper than proactive) It works miricles. I will worn you though, it makes your face break out worse for a week and then it gets better from there on out.
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  • I buy Clinique products and they are the only thing that has worked for me this past year. I switched BC pills last year and my skin went nuts. After a few weeks with Clinique, it cleared up entirely! I now get about one pimple during my period and that's it!

    I do the three step process - cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Then, if I'm going to be in the sun I use a moisturizer with SPF 25 that I can't remember the name of.

    If you wait for their deal days, it's really not super expensive - and you get free gifts! I got my favorite ever lip gloss from there!

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  • I use Mary Kay and love it.  Also, I kept breaking out and just started to pay more attention to how much I was touching my face (while sitting at the computer mostly) and that might help.  We carry all sorts of gross stuff on our hands that can clog our pores along with the typical oils.  Nebb- your post is what reminded me of this because I always broke out on my chin which was coincidentally where I would rest my hand!
  • Go to your dermatologist or primary care physician.  You deserve to look your best and they can help you figure out a plan to clear up breakouts.  

    Martha Stewart Weddings recently had a blog post about "Zit Kits".  The blogger's favorite was Clean and Clear:

  • I've been following the advice of Paula Begoun for years, and only get a pimple once in a great while. I use a couple of her products, but try to stick to inexpensive drugstore stuff as much as possible. Check out.

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