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Wednesday WW Accountability

Re: Wednesday WW Accountability

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    Not going to WI today, I'm giving myself a week to try to recover from the holiday's before I face the music.

    B: light english muffin (1) pb (2)

    S: cheerios (1)

    L: turkey sandwich (3.5) veggies and dip (1)

    S: apple (1)

    D: tbd

    total: 9.5
    target: 21
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    B: coffee (3), banana (2)
    L: sabowe (6), rice pudding (3)
    D: hot saugsage (6) and quinoa (3)

    Total: 23
    Target: 26

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    FavoriteOne, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

    Graceful, congrats on the loss yesterday too.

    And thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments yesterday. It was a difficult day but I got through it, and now the countdown begins!
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    yay! congrats favorite! My success yesterday was doing 15 minutes on the elliptical. I HATE the elliptical so that was huge for me :-P

    B: breakfast quesadilla (4)
    L: lc veggie eggroll (6)
    D: Shrimp peanut coconut curry (7)
    S: bbq quesadilla (2.5)
    S: cookie dough sundae (3)
    S: coffee w/ ff half and half and splenda (1)

    Total: 23.5
    Target: 23
    WI: Friday
    E: c25k week 4 day 2, 30 min on bike
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    B: Tall white peppermint mocha non fat no whip
    L: Large bowl of lima beans and 2 boiled eggs
    S: Oatmeal or 100 calorie pack of yogurt pretzels
    D: 2 burger patties and brocolli

    E: 30 minute pilates class, might do a 30 minute run depending on how I feel after.
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    Good morning!

    b- protein shake (3), tea (0)
    s- cottage cheese (1)
    l- chicken salad wrap (5), carrots (0), pudding (1)
    s- string cheese (1)
    d- tofu and veggie stir fry w/ peanut sauce (7)
    s- hot chocolate (2)

    total: 20
    target: 20
    WP left: 34
    WI Monday
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    I've had a rough last few days... eek! WI today... going to go anyway because I need to stay accountable. My rule is no skipped weeks b/c I don't want to face the scale : )

    B: some cereal (3), muffins (3)
    S: carrots (0)
    L: Taco soup (3)
    S: apple (1)
    D: bbq chicken (need to calc the points)

    E: none... need to get back on that boat : (

    Total: 10
    Goal: 23

    WI: Today!
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    Hi Ladies!  Sorry I've been MIA!  TK cut off my membership when I asked them to delete my wedding website (I have another one and people were getting confused).  So now I have a new name.  Oh well.  I was down 1 lb from last week which is a start on the Christmas weight.  To all the newbies, hello and welcome!

    B: oatmeal (3)
    L: pasta (6)
    S: balance bar (4)
    D: Chipotle (9)

    Target: 23

    E:  none, still fighting this darn cold.  It's been over a week!
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    Oh dear I fell of the wagon today...
    B: Yogurt (1)
    L: McDonalds!!! Bah. I was craving it so badly and have been for a few days. I thought if I didn't give in I'd just go crazy over the next few days and totally lose focus.  (a million?)
    D: Chicken (3) green beans (0) carrots (0)

    Goal: 20
    Actual: Epic fail!
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    McDonald's is actually really easy to figure out points-wise. They print all the nutritional info on their paper wrappings! Check it out and see what your damage is. Can you dip into your Weekly Points? Get back up and dust yourself off. One meal or one day won't kill you. I binged on chocolate covered popcorn on a night before a WI day and I still lost the next day.  Also, drink lots of water to flush all that salt out of your system.
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