Getting in Shape

So frustrated!

I felt a weird twinge in my left knee yesterday while running, and then it felt fine.  However, when I went up the stairs to my apartment I discovered that putting weight on it hurt like crazy, inside the knee.

Today it was still hurting me, and it kept popping, clicking, catching.  I just realized it feels tight, and I looked down:  there is a big, puffy swollen bump on the bottom left, lower side of my knee, and it feels uncomfortable to put pressure on it.  

DANG IT.  I have always had crappy knees, and every specialist I've ever seen just says that my knees are bad, thats all there is to it.   But up til now I'd escaped any recent issues with it.  There is no way I should run on it tomorrow, and I'm really really frustrated that my knee screws up when I'm finally on track with exercise.
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