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Protein powder!

NICE!!So i have been seeing good things from everyones posts about protein powder and since I never get enough protein and need to up my calories a day I figured I would try it out.I went to the local muscle shop next to my gym (they sell protein powders, enhancers, pills, shakes) and talked to the guy who owns it - he used to be a personal trainer, so we talked a lot about my diet, my work outs, what my goals are, where im lacking nutritionally, etc.I ended up getting ISO Sensations in chocolate fudge - you just add one scoop to a glass of non fat milk and drink. It tasted pretty good! I just calculated my calories/etc for the day and finally for once, which NEVER happens, I am actually over my protein requirement for the day. Just wanted to share :) Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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