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I have my summer outing for work tomorrow and they said to bring a swimsuit...not feeling super bikini ready right now!

Re: yikes!

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    sorry, I meant Thursday
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    Where do you work that you get to go on a summer outing to someplace you will need a swimsuit! I want your job! LOL!
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    Yeah we have a summer picnic in August... that's one more motivation to add to my list!  But seriously your picture looks great and I bet you look awesome in a swimsuit.  You are your own worst critic!
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    haha I actually work at an office job, but we're going to someone's house who has a nice yard with a pool.  I'm normally not shy in a swimsuit, but work is different!
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    I hear you. Don't worry about it. In my experience, everyone is self conscious enough about themselves that nobody will notice how you look. Besides, unless you work with a bunch of size zeros, I am pretty sure you won't be the least in shape of the bunch. Have fun with it!!
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