Getting in Shape


I'm pretty impressed by all of those stars next to everyone's names...I wish I had them as well, but I have one simple problem: I lack motivation. I'm not incredibly overweight. In fact, I'm not "overweight," but I could stand to lose ten pounds and tighten up. But mostly, I could really benefit from that energy boost that comes with regular workouts and the confidence boost that I've been missing since I've put on 25 pounds in the past two years. I have the 30 Day Shred, which I do religiously for a week, lose a couple of pounds and then "can't find the time" to do it the next week. I'm not much of a runner; it's not really something that I enjoy. Actually getting to the gym is the hardest thing for me. Well, my fiance is leaving Monday for 14 weeks of police training and I figure now is the time to get my butt in gear and actually get motivated. Hopefully, becoming a regular on this board will be helpful, but any suggestions or helpful advice for starting out would be great.
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