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We have so far seen inspiration boards for brides (and glorious such too), but what about inspiration boards for GIS ladies? What do the pictures look like that you use to keep yourself motivated? I thought it could be a good idea to share some favourite ones with your support system. *** As I've posted before, this was a true eye opener to me (screenshot from SparkPeople): [url][/url] And recently I found this one on the Oh So Beautiful Paper blog as part of a bigger project, Live Now : [img][/img]

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    Ok, I don't know what happened to the links, they should work but anyway, you can copy-paste the address from the middle of all that nonsense if you wish :)
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    I really like that last one, its so true! I stay motivated by occasionally looking at old pictures of myself when I was thin, I want to look like that again so bad and be that comfortable in my body again that it pushes me to keep going.
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    I put this in my post above, but a favorite is one Tim Gunn said, "Just because a train doesn't make a stop doesn't mean the whole station's bad." It was in reference to trying on clothes and just because certain styles don't fit you doesn't mean you suck. :) I really like the last quote you put up there too. Imagine a size 4... :)
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    So true, Anna!
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