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NGISR: Grrrr men!

So I am pretty invested in my vegetable garden - I am growing some in the ground and I have cherry tomatoes, another kind of smaller orange tomatoe and herbs on the deck in pots. It has been raining REALLY hard today, and I was IMing my husband talking about it. He informs me that one of the plants outside tipped over and is lying on its side. I asked what it was, and found it it is one of my tomatoe plants. I asked if he picked it back up...NOPE.He just left it there. Thanks hun, really. His reason - "I wasnt sure if you wanted to wait until you get home and do it right". How hard it is to pick up a planter, make sure the stakes are upright and the plant isnt broken. GAH!!!

Re: NGISR: Grrrr men!

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    this must also be the reason our laundry stays in the dryer or basket until i fold it and put it away....i must have some secret way of doing it ;-)and disheswell and any general cleaning.grrrr....
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    OMG!  This reminded me of my morning... last night FI was eating dinner and I wanted to run the dishwasher.  So, I put the soap in and asked him to put in his last dishes and turn it on when he was done.  I even left the door open so he would have a "visual" reminder.  This morning... dishes were in the machine, but not clean.  When I asked why I was told "I don't know how to turn it on".   He's lived there 2 years.  ARGH!!!!!
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