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maybe a shin splint....

FI and I started walking/running last Sunday-Wednesday. On Wednesday I was running and all of a sudden my shin started hurting. So since then I haven't done any more walking because it hurts still. I have never had shin splints but OMG did it hurt. I was in tears. Should I just start off walking for a week then the second week add the running in? I am scared to go walking now because I don't want to go through the pain again.

Re: maybe a shin splint....

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    You need to build up your running slowly or you can end up with an injury like that.  You can definitely start walking again.  And when it feels better, start to run.  Try using the couch to 5k program.  It eases your body into running.
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    Is the pain the length of your calf? Does it hurt all the time or just when you are walking/running? There are different schools of thought about whether to "run it out" or stay off of it. I find that if it hurts I tend to stay off and take it as a warning from my body. To avoid them in the future get fitted for GOOD SHOES! Go to a specialty store that will watch your stride. You don't have to buy shoes from them, but it is worth the investment to wear the right shoe. My soccer coach taught me a good pre run stretch: with the tip of you toes (shoes on), draw the alphabet on the ground. By the time you are done you will have stretched in every possible direction. Another thing you might try is to stay on grass or dirt paths and decrease the impact on your legs. GL!
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