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Do people not believe in you?

Not Fi or friends, but other people. I went to order my dress and when I told the bridal salon girls I had 16 more pounds to lose, they still talked me into a getting a larger size (which is already a little big on me). I know its their job, but it still bugged me. Now I feel like I have twice as much motivation to walk in for my first fitting and have the dress be so large it just falls off. Did anyone else have a  similar experience?

Re: Do people not believe in you?

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    The bridal shops do that because while you might be REALLY motivated, there are other brides that say that they want to lose the weight, but don't get around to doing so.  It's easier to take the dress in rather than out so they are just covering themselves in case you don't lose the weight. But definitely use that motivation to work off the 16 pounds!!  :-)
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    I never had a problem with my dress shop - i said I was going to lose weight and insisted on ordering a smaller size. The woman said that with my measurements it shouldnt be too hard for me to fit in the smaller size because of my bust and hips at the time, so she agreed to order it, and it ended up fitting perfectly. I find its more regular people I talk to who dont believe in me. I get the distinct impression that because im fat no one believes that I eat well and KNOW what eating healthy means, no one believes that I understand the logistics of losing weight so im always being schooled on how to do it... drives me nuts.
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    Uh YA! That was my biggest motivation, my mother in particular doesn't seem to have the most confidence. I still ordered the dress to fit, because you never know what might happen - what if I broke my leg or got really sick? So now I'm worrying that my dress will be too big and won't look right ater it's taken in but ahhh well - just can't wait for it to get here!!
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    YES ME TOO! The women at David's Bridal kind of laughed and told me "that's what every bride says" and now my dress is WAY to big, almost 4 sizes to big, and now since I don't think they do exchanges I am kind of in a bad place. The bead work is done to scale on a size 12 and I am down to 6/8. Good luck with everything and I hope you walk in there and show them that they were very wrong!
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only person that had this experience. I just can't wait to see their faces when I prove that I meant what I said :)
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