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how can I stay motivated?!

So Im getting married next July and I want so badly to lose this weight. I had twins when I was 16 and over the past 5 yrs cant seem to stop gaining weight. I weigh 175 and was always athletic as a kid but my belly and love handles are driving me nuts. I have a gym membership and was thinking of joing weight watchers. When I'm at work I cant help but get junk food in our vending machines and seem to keep snacking when I get home. I really want to change my life style and eat healthier and stay fit but after 2 weeks I get out of the habbit. How can I keep myself motivated and stick to losing weight??

Re: how can I stay motivated?!

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    I definitely understand the two week thing :) The things that I've found that work the best for me are: 1. finding an exercise that I enjoy (I HATE running, but I love yoga and biking). And sometimes when I'm tired of biking or just need a change I do something different. That might actually be running, it usually makes me appreciate the biking :) 2. Finding healthy foods i like. I am junk food crazy! However, I recently realized that i can satisfy my cravings for chips with pita chips- with salsa, hummus, or guacamole- not queso. Also, I eat things that make me feel like I'm getting a treat- starbucks small bottled frappaccinos instead of the ones in the cafe. 3. Having someone else do it with you!! My FI have started being more active together, and committing to getting in shape together. Even if we aren't "working out" together, we are still encouraging each other. Since he doesn't necessarily need to lose weight, he's focusing on being fit so we (really more me :-P) still have accountability. Hope this helps... sorry that it's long!
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