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I feel so guilty!

So, FI is a trainer and teaches bootcamp on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Its such a great workout, but I signed up for dance class anyway on wednesdays saying it was only for the summer and I'd be back at BC in Sept.  A few weeks into this, I feel guilty on wednesdays when he goes to BC and I go to dance!  In addition, the BC is a much better workout than my dance class (in terms of losing the last 5 lbs/building muscle).  Saturdays class is good, but the class has a different dynamic on weds due to the people who attend that day-- and i like it!  GRRRRR.  All brought on myself, i know..... 

Re: I feel so guilty!

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    Wednesday nights usually find me on my butt, wiped out from hump day at work, on the couch watching the Red Sox.Don't feel guilty! Have fun, shake your booty and dance your cares away. Life is too short.
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    Yeah, it's summer, have fun!  And you are still working out :)
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    You shouldn't feel guilty because you're doing something by yourself. It's not healthy to do everything together and we all need something that is our own thing (i.e. your dance class). You should not feel guilty about doing something for yourself!
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    Dont' feel bad... you'll really know how to shake it at your reception!
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