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Good Stuff to Tone Arms

I need some ideas! Help! Trying to tone and define my arms. Any suggestions?

Re: Good Stuff to Tone Arms

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    Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce so lots of cardio is step 1. To build muscle tone, you can do hand weights, lots of push-ups, tricep extensions and tricep dips. I've found the best results when I do lots of reps with lower weights. The next day if I'm really sore, I know I'm making progress!
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    I personally have had good success with 3 sets of 10 reps of heavy weights (started a bit lower but have progressed higher on a weekly basis over the past 3 months). You can already see the definition in my arms, ive lost inches and they feel incredible when I flex! Weights will definitely help you define.
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    Here's a favorite of mine... whilst doing cardio keep two little 2-lb weights on each wrist (or held in the hand) and keep good posture while power walking.  You can throw in some lunges with an overhead press while going uphill to get some cardio (weight loss) and toning in at the same time.  Sounds really light but if you are focusing on reps and trying not to build a ton of muscle this is a good way to really feel the muscles the next day!HTH =)
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    I know its basic, but Push ups (even the girl kind) work really well.  Hate them....but i see progress
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