Getting in Shape

Okay, deep breath...

I'm back after my meltdown on Tuesday. I do think part of my gain was due to the lovely combination of TOM + stress, which unfortunately I can't help. But I did actually use exercise to help combat the stress- on Tuesday, after spending hours trying to sort out my bookkeeping, I jumped on the elliptical while dinner was in the oven. I had so much nervous energy I couldn't keep my legs from bouncing, so I figured I may as well do something with it! Anyway, I'm still doing WW but I am also tracking on Daily Plate. DP is kind of a pain, I feel like it's not really as user friendly as WW but maybe if I do both for a while I can just switch to DP when my prepaid WW membership ends next month.Just wanted to say hey and thanks for your support the other day. i'm still here!
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