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Okay, so I painfully admit that I fell off the wagon. My fiance went back to school and I can't cook so instead I order pizza, or run to Wendy's or any other near by fast food joint... he's usually only gone for 2 days a week, but after eating all that delicious and SO BAD FOR YOU food, I've been in a "screw it" kind of mood and my eating has gone down hill and I haven't been to the gym in about two weeks now. I feel bloated and fatigued. I realized last night that I need to rid my body of all the junk I've been ingesting and get back to my eating regimine and work out schedule. I had lost 10 lbs, getting me 1/3 of the way to my goal, but I'm sure gorging myself and lack of exercise for the past two weeks packed on a few lbs. I'm too nervous to look, so I figure I should detox, work out, eat right (again) for two weeks before I weigh myself again.... otherwise I may get discouraged.

Anyway, the point of this post is to find out if anyone has any good detox ideas? I'm drinking more water again and adding lemon juice... but is there anything else I can/should do to rid my body of all the salts, sugars, and fats I've been ingesting?

TIA for your suggestions!

Re: detox?

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    Your body will do that naturally. Eat as clean as possible from here on out - cut out artificial sweeteners (natural is fine), excess sodium. Make sure to eat foods high in fiber to help flush you out naturally and like you said drink a lot of water. You will be fine.
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    Jillian Michaels' book "Master Your Metabolism" is fascinating about your body's hormones and how they relate to your ability to lose weight. She talks a great deal about eating clean.
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    I'm not too familiar w/ detoxes... but I do remember hearing about something Beyonce did to lose weight for that movie Dreamgirls a few years ago. Water w/ cayenne pepper or something, lemon and I think maple syrup.
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    Whatever you do, do NOT try the Spicy Lemonade or Master Cleanse listed above!
    I tried it a few years ago and nearly made myself sick. You may lose a pound or two, but it will be water only as your body becomes dehydrated. You won't loose any fat as your body goes into starvation mode (meaning, it will do anything possible to hold on to what you are trying to get rid of!).
    The best detox that I tried (and I tried a few having worked in the pharmaceutical industry) was the Apple Cleanse. I ate 6-10 apples/day, all day, nothing else, for 3-4 days MAX.
    It's a good kick start to your body plus the pectin in the apples latches on to toxins to help clean the body.

    The most gentle way to help your body out though, is to keep it simple.
    First thing in the morning, have a tall class of warm water with a dash of fresh lemon juice.
    This will help flush out your liver. Then, eat fruits in the morning, veggies for the rest of the day.
    No processed foods! (no cheese, salt etc). Keep it simple!
    Also, drink LOTS of water (including herbal tea).

    Lastly, be easy on yourself, you'll get back on track in no time :-)

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