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Sunday Accountability

Today is a great day!b-2 eggss-grapefriut and skim milkl-turkey burger on lettuce and tomatos-peanut butter sandwich with an appled-chicken stir fry (going to a bbq later but will only pick at fruit or veggies)e-biggest loser bootcamp, not going to beat myself up for not starting C25K today FI is stuck working OT so I have accepted it won't happen until tomorrow

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    I have decided to make a resolution to wake up at 7 no matter what time I have to work or what's going on.  Yesterday I woke up, walked the dogs for 30 mins, went to the gym and did cardio for an hour, and then went to work.  Granted I was tired by the time 6PM rolled around, but it's probably because I was up til about 1:30 watching "Say Yes to the Dress."  Today's going to be the same routine but hopefully with an earlier bedtime.
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    good morning!  today's a crazy day, since i'm moving out of my apt. and in with a friend until the wedding (4 weeks!) - lots of cleaning and packing.b - english muffin, banana, almond butters - peachl - lean cuisine or turkey burgers - string cheesed - whatever they have at church, i'll eat light.e - technically a rest day, but i'll be getting some exercise in with all this cleaning that has to take place!
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    B - 2 eggs, english muffin, blueberries S - apple w/ PB L - Turkey, spinach, and tomatoe in whole wheat wrap S - Greek yogurt D - Chicken salad, broccoli E - Hour session w/ personal trainer
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    B - protein drink in ff milk, possibly a scrambled xxl egg with a plain english muffinS - unsalted cashewsL - chicken soup, ff yogurt, fruit of some kindD - I might cut a pocket into some really thick pork loin chops and put garlic/rosemary/sage inside with some cheese and grill that. Serve it with steamed green and yellow beans from my garden.S - beer again. Its a long weekend.E - NONE! I have decided my exhaustion this past week is my body telling me to take a break. I took a week long break in June and lost 3.25" so this might be good for me.
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    Today is my off day from counting calories...but I am still being pretty good...B-special k w/1% milkL-1/2 turkey and ham sub and some chips (not great)S-blueberriesD-chocolate chip pancakes (a Sunday tradition we have fallen out of)E-off today!
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