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When the scale doesn’t make sense…

I’ve been trying to lose weight and was tracking my progress with a scale and everything was going really well.  I moved to DC for two months and forgot to take my scale with me.  While I was there, I walked over a mile every day and kept eating healthy and reducing my portions.  I was definitely loosing inches, but wasn’t able to track my weight.I finally got on a scale this morning – and I GAINED 7 lbs!  I know that muscle weighs more, and it’s more important that I feel good about myself, and I lost inches so that’s something, and blah blah blah.  But it’s disheartening, and I don’t really understand why I gained all this weight back.  I was just walking and eating better; I had no strength training at all.Has anyone else gone through this or has any advice or tips?

Re: When the scale doesn’t make sense…

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    What's your eating look like? Also, different scale = different results. My mom's scale is crappy and it'll give me three different weights within 5 minutes. My scale is pretty close to the one at my doctor's, usually a 1-2lb difference.
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    I hate scales. I started at 206 both at home and at the gym - at home I am 190 now and at the gym I am 194 (so I obviously use the at home weight since I like it better hehe). Right now I am wearing shorts and pants I purchased last year after losing 20lbs (then gained 20+lbs back so I couldnt wear them) and they are a tad loose on me - yet I weigh 13lbs more than I did last year.What youre experiencing could be bloating, water retention, muscle, god knows what. I find there are so many factors that go into weight it just doesnt work for me so I only pay attention to measurements.
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    RIGHT ON NEBB!!! When we burn fat and gain muscle the scale is not to be trusted!!! Track your inches and how your clothes fit, and clothing sizes. I only lost 9lbs last year, but shrunk 2 sizes fast. Although I have lost 10 lbs since May this year, I am doing WW and just started with exercising I am only down one size. And ulitmately, I don't care what the scale says, I care what size I am in clothes, and how my body looks and feels.
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    Thanks for the help guys!  (And for the record it is the same scale)  I know it's better to rely on measurements, it's just discouraging to see the scale go back up. 
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