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So I always read up on p90x accountability...

And how you all keep up with it is motivating! How is everyones results coming?
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Re: So I always read up on p90x accountability...

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    I've only been doing it two weeks, but I have noticed more definition in my arms, calves and tummy.  I also think I look smaller.  I'm not weighing myself due to my tendency to get a little crazy when the scale doesn't move.  Since my wedding is now just a little more than three months away, I can't afford to get depressed about the number on the scale when what really matters is how I look in my clothes.  I will take inches every couple of weeks, though.  P90X is a pretty big time commitment, but I was working out around 5-6 days a week for an hour before so it's not a huge change except I can stay at home. 
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