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Joined WW today!

Hi ladies, Just wanted to share my news! I finally need to take control of my weight and I think this is the best way to do it. I registered through the phone and got the first month for 19.99 so I was super excited.BUT.. when I got on the scale, I was super depressed. I was 20-25 pounds heavier than I thought I was. That is CRAZY and also sad I was so scared to look at my weight over the last few years so it got that high. So anyways, I guess that gives me more motivation to work harder because now loosing the first 20 will get me to where I THOUGHT I was, and then the real stuff begins. Does anyone have knowledge of thyroid or something else that causes weight gain? I've been meaning to get blood work done for awhile because I swear I gain and gain without changing my eating. So just wondering if this could be an issue.But anyways, I wasn't aware that so many girls on here were also in WW so I hope to come here to get motivation and whatnot!

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    Congrats! I just started a week ago and lost 4 pounds already! The same thing happened to me. In fact, this time last year I was 50 pounds less than I am right now. Seriously. I refused to step on the scale for a long time, and when I did, I was devastated. I am pretty sure it was due to getting Mirena, an IUD form of birth control, but now the weight is coming off slowly, even after having the IUD removed. I did a lot of research online before I came to that conclusion. WW seems really great so far. I am enjoying eating what a want, just recognizing portions and making better choices. Plus, the fact that you can earn Activity Points and eat more makes working out seem more useful! Haha, I love to eat, so that is a problem. But it has been great so far. I always post on the WW Accountability post in the morning to keep my eating on track. It does help to plan out meals and snacks. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything!
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    It could just be your metabolism, which does change over time. There could be many reasons (medical issue or otherwise), that could cause the weight gain. It is wise to get blood work done and checked out to make sure nothing is wrong (i did the same, and only found out I have slightly elevated cholestrol).Making the steps to make a change though is one of the biggest you have to do. Good luck!
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    You will love WW. I've been losing weight slowly and I have noticed that my eating habits have truly changed and my taste buds don't crave high points food as much anymore. I still have a pizza attack every once in a while :-) I don't have any advice as far as the thyroid issue but I would get that checked ASAP because it may inhibit your weight loss and I would hate to see you get discouraged early on because the pounds aren't coming off. You'll probably lose more weight the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts and then it will taper off between 1-2 pounds per week and that's healthy. The girls on this board are great for motivation and support so post as often as you need.Good luck with your first week...keep us updated!!
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    I would just add that you can definitely gain weight without changing you're eating. If you're eating too many calories, even on a sporadic basis, those add up. 3500 calories is a pound, so if you're eating 500 extra calories a day in a week (500x7) that's a pound. Without exercise or balancing that out in your diet you will gain weight. I'm glad you joined WW, that wounds like it'll be a big help. Don't be sad about what you weigh now, it's not productive. Think about what you're doing to change your habits, and how great you'll feel when you're eating better and exercising. Be proud of yourself, and use those positive feelings to continue the hard work!
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    I just joined WW too and its awesome so far.. I also have thyroid issues.. and for me, I know when my thyroid is off because I have so many symptoms.. If you dont have any symptoms then it is prob just eating.. I never realized how bad I really was eating till I evaulated it.  
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