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Newbie: 30 day shred

So I tried to go back five pages to make sure there hadn't been a recent post on the 30DS.  I don't intend to use 3lbs since I am already fairly strong but I wanted to see how other ladies on here feel about the program. I am aiming to lose 5-8lbs so I need something to shake up my routine. Has anyone tried it? What do you think?

Re: Newbie: 30 day shred

  • I thought it was a great way to introduce myself to exercising with weights. It's a great, cheap DVD that only take 20 minutes. But if you already use weights, you may get bored quickly. Give a shot and see what you think. I'd go with five pound weights or so.
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  • I'd go with 5 pound weights if you already work out. I started with 3 pounders, now I use 5. However, at the gym with my trainer, I use 10-12 pound weights for compound movements, so even the 5s seem light to me! However, Jillian will have you do 15-20 reps (she doesn't count reps, she goes by time, so 30 seconds to 1 minute for each excercise), which is different from real "weight training."

    I think 30DS is good for those who work out primarily at home, who want a short workout, or who are just starting out. I now do it to supplement my other workouts. Example: I did 30DS level 2 this morning because I can't make it to the gym tonight. However, I'll be playing kickball tonight and getting a little cardio that way. It's also short enough to squeeze in before work - I get up at 6 rather than 6:30.

    If you're looking for something that can act as a primary workout, I'd suggest going with either of Jillian's 2 longer DVDs - No More Trouble Zones and Burn Fat Boost Metabolism. They're hour-long workouts which are also based on circuit training and only require handweights and a mat, max.
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