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Does anyone WI during TOM?

TOM starts this week and I don't want to WI...who here weighs in during this time?

Re: Does anyone WI during TOM?

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    I used to weigh in daily, and would be able to predict TOM day based on weight.  I would put on 2 pounds a day before and another 3 the first day.  Then drop the last day.
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    Last month I did and I regretted it, I put on 2.6 lbs for TOM, and it totally discouraged me, even though i've lost all of the other weeks.  This week is my TOM, and I didnt go last week because I was so busy, so I am skipping WI for two weeks in a row which I know is horrible, but it feels pointless to go and see a gain that isn't real and mess with my head.So I will WI next week.I think most ppl will say WI anyways, it keeps you accountable, which I totally agree with.  I personally just don't want to get discouraged over nothing.
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    I WI every week, TOM or not. I WI knowing that I will probably gain, though. I can see both sides of it. I have to WI, though, to keep myself accountable... not for my food, but for the WI. If I skip one, I'll be more inclined to skip another, then another, etc.
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    I weigh in every day (I know it's discouraged by most, but it really works for me... I only count my weight when I weigh the same thing for 2 days in a row.) During my TOM my weight goes up by 3-4 pounds, but the next week I almost always drop 2 from my pre-TOM weight in just that week. It was more earlier on (like 5 pounds down in a week at one point) but now that I have less to lose it's not quite so dramatic. I like to be able to track myself every day and see how certain foods or activities affect my weight loss, and I guess TOM just counts as an "activity." :)
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    I have done it before but it always depresses me. Now I refrain at all costs ahha
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    I do.  If I'm up a bit, I know why so no biggie.
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    Sigh. I do and I shouldn't. TOM started yesterday and both yesterday and today I have been up 2.6. It bums me out even though I know what's causing the gain. I also feel like a whale so that doesn't help, BLECK. I would say if you can avoid weighing in this week, avoid it!
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    I do, but also the week of TOM.  It keeps me from eating that extra chocolate and whatever else I crave during that time!  I also make sure to watch my sodium intake that week. If I am up a bit, I know it is because of TOM and don't let it bother me. What you should do depends on your personality type and what works best for you.
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