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First United Methodist Church of Denton? Wedding/indoor photos?

Hi all!

I live in Denton and am still trying to find a location for my wedding. I've driven by the First United Methodist church of Denton tons of times from living here and it is beautiful on the outside but I can't seem to find any good photos of it on the inside! Does anyone have any photos they could share? And some pricing info if you know it maybe...? :)

I plan on calling sometime tomorrow but I figured asking for some photos couldn't hurt. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Re: First United Methodist Church of Denton? Wedding/indoor photos?

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    I looked but according to one photographer's blog, pictures aren't allowed during the wedding ceremony ... that might be one reason you're having trouble finding many pictures. (My church has the same restriction.) But I did find a couple shots of weddings there ... click here and here and here.
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    It's beautiful inside... And the no photography thing must be new. Or maybe it's just not allowed for religious services. I know when I was involved with Habitat for Humanity (maybe 10 years ago) there were several lectures held there that I'm 90% sure were video taped.
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