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I don't think it's possible

... for me to lose weight while training for this marathon.  If I'm losing fat, then I'm certainly gaining the same amount of muscle, and I'm hungrier than I've ever been before, and I don't think it's a good idea to cut back calories too much.  I know I should be proud of how healthy my body is right now (I'm definitely in the best shape of my life!), but the number on the scale really bothers me.  So I'm basically giving myself a free pass to not let the number bother me until after I run the race in November.  At that point, if I still want to, I can lose those pesky 5 lbs and get to my magic number.  What do y'all think?  Have any of the runners out there actually lost weight when you started training harder? 

Re: I don't think it's possible

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    I think your measurements would surprise you. If its possible for me to be wearing clothes I wore when I was 13lbs heavier, its possible those 5lbs are already gone and you just cant notice because of your dang muscles! Dont worry about it, the fact that youre running a marathon is incredible! Youre in awesome shape and thats so admirable!
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    Most runners I know who have gone from exercise/fitness running to marathon running have gained weight. I think you're obviously building muscle and you have to eat enough food, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Have you measured? How do your clothes fit? The "magic" number is going to stress you out more than it should, and it's really not fair to yourself. Focus on all the good things you're doing an how you feel.
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    Yes, it is possible but it requires you to be very careful calculating calories out v. calories in and it could be hard to do this accurately without a HRM.  I use my HRM to know exactly how many calories I am burning and then make sure that I am eating exactly what I need to create the proper caloric deficit.  It is hard and requires a lot of planning when you need to add 1000+ calories in each day but the key is finding very healthy but higher calorie options and not eating 1000+ calories of candy and cake (which I would totally do if I could)
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    I don't lose weight when I train hard because I have to eat more.
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    Definately don't cut back on need all of the fuel you can get.  You will probably quickly lose the weight after your marathon when you cut back on your running and start switching out to other cardio activities that aren't as strenous.   I used to run 6 times a week but when i cut back to 3-4 times and switched to other activities i losed a few pounds.  I think it was because my body was getting used to it and my metabolism started slowing down.  Note-Mentally it was a hard thing to do...I don't get the same "got-a-great-workout-feeling" from the elipitical and classes (even though my HRM says that I do) that i do from running
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    Thanks, everyone, y'all are making me feel better.  I suddenly have started to feel bigger even though the scale hasn't really moved (maybe up 1 lb but it's hard to tell bc I don't weigh myself at the same time of day and I'm always wearing clothes) but FI, who sees as much of my body as I do, says I look exactly the same.  I think it's all in my head.
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