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Thursday Accountability

B - fat free jello and a kashi granola barL - SoupWork chicken with wild rice soupD - fish and green beans (I think)E - walk to work, walk home**  Drink lots of water.  Trying to reduce my carb/junk food intake for the month of August.
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Re: Thursday Accountability

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    B: english muffin, 2 egg whites, coffeeS: Banana, 1 oz peanutsL: BBQ pulled chicken sandwich, 100 cal packS: PlumD: Chicken breast & veggies??E: 1 hour strength training class
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    Not great food, but too busy today with last minute wedding stuff to eat much, so that is good....B-cinnamon raisin english muffin w/CC, coffeeL-small quiznos turkey ranch swiss on wheat w/baked BBQ chipsD-2 slices pizza and 2 beersE-ran/walked my parents' road (about 3 miles, STEEP up and down hill...)
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