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I have been reading your blog about Insanity. I want to try it but am nervous to order it from Beachbody because they do not have great reviews. Where did you get it and did you have any issues? I love following your blog. It shows me that I could do it.

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    Hey Melissa! not sure if your going to get this but I did purchase my stuff off of and never had an issue with anything. Were the reviews of when the orders came in? I have to go check it out!
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    I did see it. I read them from different places. I forgot all of them now. I know some of the issues were with getting the product. I am just going to order it from there because I cannot find it anywhere else. Just wanted to check first before I did.
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    I had read some bad reviews about Beachbody as well and was worried about ordering from them.  This morning, I happened to come across a seller on Ebay that is selling the Insanity package.  They have a 99.5% positive rating and it looks like they have been selling P90X for awhile and everyone seemed pleased with their product from the reviews.  I'm thinking about going that route.
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