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Dearest Co-worker

I know you may still have some hard feelings since I had my boss tell you that, she was in fact my boss... not you. I am so sorry if that little realization burst any bubbles or bruised any egos. Now that any mythical power over me has vanished, please feel free to continue to do YOUR job, as I will continue to do mine.It is and has always been your job to find coverage for the desk when I am called away to meetings. So when my boss asks me to have you find coverage, please do not put that responsiblity back on me, as I am already ordering your supplies, even though you have access to the same ordering site as I do. I completely agree that finding your specific printer needs is quite a hassle, and no, I do not "just have some refrence code filed away somewhere" as its YOUR printer and as such is YOUR responsiblity.That being said, how is it that you do not have time to break down the boxes that your orders come in, but you have time to walk them over to my desk for me to do?? Unfortunately I must run as I have a mailing to get out for an entire department. I do love our little chats.Much love,atobias
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