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Choosing a cake = diet failure!

OH man I went to a consultation for my wedding cake today and didn't even think that they might let me taste it.  When she said she would send home samples I'm thinking a few bites of a few diff. types of cakes. HOLY SMOKE! She sent me home with 8 different cupcakes!  I caved!  I ate 2!  I guess that is better than the entire box lol.  FI can try them when he gets home tonight and then the rest are going in the trash lol.

Re: Choosing a cake = diet failure!

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    LOL. My cake lady emailed me yesterday and asked when I would be back in MI to do a test taste and I tried to talk my way out of it but no luck!! Cupcakes are my total weakness!!
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    LOL mine too! I can usually say no but I knew the second she handed them to me I would have to have them!
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    Ooo - this is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. Don't feel guilty. It is your obligation to try them. :-)
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    a serving of cupcakes is actually 2, so you only ate 1 serving.  Cake just so happens to be my very favorite food and I would never EVER give it up, so don't feel bad!  What if you ordered a flavor cake you thought you would like but you didn't?  You needed to taste them!
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