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Sunday Shred Thread

Hey ladies, how did the shreding go?Today I was stuck in bed with food poisoning :( So I couldn't start my shred, but tomorrow I'm doing it no matter what!Hope you all had some better luck :)

Re: Sunday Shred Thread

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    Food poisoning? Oh no, that sucks! Do you know why you got? Get well soon!
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    Today was much better!!!! It was a slow start getting motivated though, but I knew I had to do it if Im ever going to look the way I want to! So.... I started with the shred, and it sucked ( in a good way ) as usual. Then I did 30 min on my stationary bike, then total body pilates. I feel very accomplished that I did all that, but I'm slightly regretting it thinking I wont beable to walk tomorrow =). Well thats about it. I also pigged on 2 more pieces of banana bread this morning so now Im trying to wait untill dinner to eat. Hope everyone is doing good and hanging in there. Were all in this together!!! **BubbleJ- Thats horrible your sick, food poisoning is the dumps... I hope your feeling better soon!
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    Thanks guys! I'm not sure where I got it but I think I got it from my dinner Saturday night. I had BBQ pork soup from a chinese place that I go to all the time. I only ate 2 pieces of pork, but about 2 hours later I got sick :( Its Monday here, and I feel much better, so I will definatly shred today!
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    I didn't shred today :(  I was a bridal show all day, and then my bridesmaid who lives out of the area decided to stay the night, because she's going back to college soon and we're going to go to David Bridal tomorrow so we can check out some wedding stuff before she leaves.  So she already fell asleep and I'm up knotting.. lol
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    Oh! And BubbleJ- Hope you feel better!  Sorry. I'm a jerk!  I forgot the first time.
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    Thanks Imetyouonthedarksideofthemoon, you're not a jerk :P
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