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Thanks for the advice on the mysterious pain in my leg! I checked out that link you posted and I think you're right - it totally sounds like I have shin splints. This sucks, but at least I know what's wrong with me now. Thanks for your help!It's a good thing I cut back on my exercise the last few days - well there actually wasn't anything else I could have done because my legs hurt too much. So I'm gonna rest more starting tomorrow and in the meantime it looks like it's just gonna be swimming, stationary bicycle and some walking for me. Grrrr I hate not being able to workout, but of course I don't wanna mess with my body either. I just hope it's gonna heal soon!

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    It is frustrating! I'm glad I could help. I used to do stationary bike and pool workouts and you can still get your heart rate up and work up quite a sweat...especially in the pool! If you have the time/money, you can also find local running stores that will test your pronation and offer suggestions on running shoes that will offer the best support. I would get shin splints EVERY time I tried to run  in NIKE...just how my feet are I guess. I have found that Saucony are right for me. Once you get started again it's important to start out with lower distances or time working out, and then only increase a little at a time. My coach would increase my weekly mileage by 10% until I got to my ideal totals and this helped to keep from getting them. Anyways...I really hope you will be on the way to recovery soon! Good luck! :)
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