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Comical Dilemma

So I briefly went dresses shopping with my two bridesmaids.  I discovered that I fit almost perfectly into all the discounted sample size dresses.  They are a little big, but with a little bit of alterations they would fit very nicely.  The sales lady remarked that if I got any smaller I need a smaller size that would need to be ordered instead of buying the discounted sample dress. Lol.. so basically if I want to save money I can't lose much weight.

Re: Comical Dilemma

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    I'm so jealous!  My goal is to end up about a size 10 wedding dress (RL size 6)!  You can always buy the sample and have it altered.  That way you should still save money.  If you lose less than 10 pounds it shouldn't have to be taken in so much that it makes the dress look funny or anything.
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    Yeah, the sample gowns were a size 10.  And i wear a size 7 jeans.  I thought it would be nice not having to do much alterations, but I think I will end up getting a sample gown and having it altered.  Good luck on your goal!
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