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So I'm exactly 30 days from my wedding. I've been on the weight loss rollercoast for a long time. I was on this board trying to earn stars and all but I just tend to give up (typically when the scale doesnt move or moves up). At this point, I only want to loose 8-10 more pounds by the wedding, I have a different goal for afterwards. So for all of you with all these stars and have actually stuck with this, how do you do it, what keeps you motivated?

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    Hi!I'm new to the site, so don't judge me by my lack of stars.  ;)But I am hypoglycemic, which means that I have to keep my blood sugar steady, which translates to eating frequently, while trying hard not to gain weight all the time.   What I have found to work is doing the healthy diet thing.  That means high protein and whole grains for breakfast--they keep you going!  Fruits and veggie throughout the day and a good protein-whole grain with veggies dinner.  And find an exercise that works for you.  For the last two years, I have lived for biking, and about a month ago, my body and mind just weren't into it anymore.So now I'm doing Carmen Electra workout videos and learning to belly dance (not the same videos!  lol).  But my muscles are in better shape than ever!Best of luck to you!!!!
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    Truth - I started working our seriously in July and lost 9lbs in the first two weeks doing low carb and walking. The next two weeks I didn't plan my meals and I gained it all back the last two weeks in July.So here I am in the middle of August and have just decided that I don't want to be out of shape and unfit. I want to be able to run with my baby and feel great in my own body. I have huge breast (over a J cup American )so my test has always been if I can look down and see my stomach beyond my breast I've gotten too big. I'm there. I'm big and unhappy. No that the too are causes of each other. Set small goals: drink 8 glasses of water; work out 3 out of 7 days a week, eat on less piece of bread a day. Then each week add to those goals. Nebb had a great suggestions to count inches not lbs. HTH
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    Who is Nebb?
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    Nebb is another frequent poster on this board.For me I found an exercise routine that I love - I go to bootcamp 3x a week and the trainers and people are so much fun.  Tomorrow is my last session and I am officially out of funding so that migth hault this train....At the begining though? Before I had any stars and I had NO confindence I used to repeat the phrase "They will all be looking at me" and that just really freaked me out.  I just wasn't comfortable at all in my skin. Now I feel great - it wasn't about the scale moving at first it was about how I felt.  You can do it!
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