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FI did the Shred

and was sweating his butt off! We were out running errands until around 8:30, so instead of a long run we did the shred level 3 and a 30 minute jog. He had been wanting to see the video I kept talking about, but I was embarrassed for him to see me do it. But once we got going, I wasn't embarrassed at all! :) I definitely love working out with a workout partner vs. alone.

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    Im trying to talk my husband into doing the 100 push up thing with me, but hes reluctant. He CLAIMS his elbows will hurt hehe, i think hes just worried im stronger ;)
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    My finace shreds with me most nights.  The first time he did it was the third day I did level 1.  I knew what to expect and he didn't and he looked like he was going to die.  It is nice to have someone to hate Jillian with :)
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    I've been trying to get FI to shred with me for weeks.  He will walk and run with me but he says no videos.
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    I got FI to do tae bo with me and he enjoyed it- mostly making fun of Billy but I know deep down he enjoys it. he will only do one video with me though- not the longer and harder ones with the bands/weights. he prefers to run. i ran with him the other night and felt like a loser. i had such poor form and felt like i was an 80 yr old running. oh well...either way it is something to do together and helps with motivation!
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     He CLAIMS his elbows will hurt hehe, i think hes just worried im stronger ;)HA!
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    My FI did level 1 of the shred with me before he crapped out. I had major giggle fits watching him do the hip rolls.
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    I am seriously lmao at the thought of my fi doing the hip rolls or anything in that video. I'm lucky if I get him to walk the dogs w/ me once a week, his idea of a work-out is eating a BLT with a tbsp of mayo on every bite. The worst part is he still somehow manages to lose weight faster than me and I hate him for it.
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