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help w/ cooking

I'm making salmon and I kinda have an idea of what I'm doing, planning on steaming it w/ veggies. What kind of sauce should I use? Should I use sauce? Any suggestions? I've never cooked salmon before. Thanks

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    You don't necessarily need a sauce for salmon if it's seasoned well.  If I'm steaming (or poaching), I like to add garlic and lemon juice.  Cooking salmon is fairly easy - be sure to cook it long enough so that the inside isn't too undercooked, but don't dry it out either.  Salmon is one of those fish that you really have to try hard to eff it up. Good Luck!
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    I normally dont use a sauce on my salmon either. I usually either bake or bbq mine.  I season it with lemon pepper, lemon juice, and top with a little slice of lemon for flavor and garnish. Easy as pie and yummy!
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    Sweet, sounds like I picked the right thing to experiment with, I'm pretty good at effing things up! Lemon juice, that makes sence. Thanks didn't even think of that!
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    I usually just make a pouch out of foil, put the salmon in with a little extra virgin olive oil, lemon pepper, a bit of salt, and parsley - close up the foil and bake it at 350 until it flakes easily with a fork - I'd say check it after about 15 min.I've also made it with terriyaki or a brown sugar rub before and butter but obviously those aren't as healthy so I skip them now.

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