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I just read a post where you mentioned your trainer isn't even letting you have fruit.  What the heck?!  Your trainer sounds nuts.  Let yourself have a little dish of ice cream, and have some damn fruit.  I cannot believe this!If your trainer is really that nuts about what you can/can't eat, I suggest you go and see a dietitian for some real answers.

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    I saw that post as well and what I think it said was she can't have fruit as a dessert, as in at night after dinner. This is actually good advice because sugar that you have late at night is not utilized for the next seveal hours and thus does not get burned off and is stored as fat. It's much better to fruit before your workout or early in the day when it's energy can be used. If the trainer said no fruit ever that would be crazy IMO.
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    Ive also been told not to eat carbs later at night either so that your body has a chance to burn those off, I suppose that would be applicable also to the sugar/carbs in fruit. I do think though that unless she is seriously binging on large amounts of fruit, SOME fruit in the evening is better than a parfait or something.
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