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And a sick tummy.  Though they're totally separate.  Has anyone else found they are extremely sensitive to food?  I mean, I have food allergies as well, but I have also found that I am increasingly sensitive to leftovers that have gone past their prime.  I was all ready to workout last night after dinner (despite the cold and being congested to the point I couldn't, and still can't, breath) when I got really sick from dinner.  Like, can't stand upright because I"m going to hurl sick.  So much for working out last night.  I'm trying to stick to a 30 day challenge, and so far have only worked out for 6 of the 10 days I've been on this challenge.  I guess it's time to start over . . . again.  Wow I'm really disappointed in myself.

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    How old were the leftovers? Im incredibly picky with food that has been stored in the fridge and wont eat it if its past its expiration date (though i know thats just a suggestion and its probably OK), fuzzy or is a cooked food thats been stored more htan 4 days.
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    dont feel so guilty! everybody has setbacks and theres not much you can do about an upset stomach. do you tink there was maybe some hidden allergen in the food you ate that you didnt know about? i know that happens to me with gluten sometimes...

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    I agree with pp about possibly there being a hidden allergen? Sometimes I used to assume a certain food would be gluten free, lets say a hamburger .. but have recently realized that not all hamburgers are gluten free - so I was secretly gluten-ing myself in small portions over time and made myself really sick. Double-check labels! As you mentioned though, about the leftover foods - my FI won't eat ANYTHING leftover once its been in the fridge, he's real picky like that. I think maybe 2 or 3 days for a leftover is probably enough, IMO I wouldn't eat it past that time-frame.
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    I too seem to have a sensitive stomach, but mostly to foods I'm not used to, like ones with a high fat content or red meat, since I almost never eat either of those things.  It will mess me up for days, so I can totally sympathize.  Hope you feel better soon!
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    I typically keep leftovers for no more than a week. I try to eat them within 5 days, but for certain things I'll stretch it to a week. Case in point, the baked ziti I made on Saturday is going to be dinner tonight.  Most food, if stored properly, will let you know it's past it's prime by smelling really bad. For the most part, if you nuke it till it's hot enough, it should be okay.  But as the old saying goes, when in doubt, throw it out.And don't feel bad about missing the workout. It's just one workout out of many. Hurling while working out isn't worth it!
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