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Feeling horrible about my weekend...

So, I went out with my MOH yesterday & we kind of splurged at lunch... not too bad but a little... Then I come home & FI had bought dinner with Stoufers mac n cheese ( unhealthy) as a side.. and ice cream for desert.. ok, still didnt do too bad considering.. Then he surprises me that he is making me homemade biscuits & gravy like FMIL does on christmas... To die for.. yea, that was a 32pt breakfast.. Lets say it was ALOT worse than I thought.. but he got so happy I couldnt turn the breakfast down ( and he doesnt do it all the time)...I have used up all of my daily + my weeklies.. and I dont get anymore until next sat.. FI will be gone for 2 days for work so I will eat really healthy on those two days since I will prob just have something simple and easy..I guess I just feel horrible that I used my 35 extra weekly pts in 2 days... I did go swimming for 1 1/2 hours today & also took the dog for a 2 mile walk.. so I got in some excercise but I still feel horrible..

Re: Feeling horrible about my weekend...

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    Why is he making you food he knows you cant eat? I feel harsh saying this but he needs to support you and not be making unhealthy food for you that you will potentially feel bad for turning down or not eating. Thats just not fair.
  • The thought of eating biscuits and gravy and stoufers makes me want to throw up.  It has been so long since I've eaten heavy food like that I feel like it would just sit in my stomach like lead. My feelings are and I may be totally off here but it seems to me like your FI may be trying to sabotage you.  If I were you I would have to talk with him about being your main support system and this being a lifestyle change you want to make.   I don't really understand how the points work but it sounds like you used up all your extras for the week now you have to super strict with your diet.  I don't mean to come off bitchy because I really like you and I think you are trying really hard and doing well it just seems to me that you could use a little more encouragement from home.
  • FI isnt trying to sabotage me.. He just figured I could use my weekly pts for it.. He didnt realize that I would splurge so much on sat.. He ussually cooks really healthy for me.. but he also knows how much I have been wanting biscuits & gravy..  I just feel bad for eating it all in 2 days..
  • It doesn't sound too bad to me. You indulged a little and thats ok. You already exercised more than usual and seem to be back on track with planning on eating healthy in the upcoming days. I think drinking lots of water, planning healthy meals and getting in a little more exercise then usual will help you feel better. You already used up your points and that is ok. That is what they are there for. They are gone and you can't change it. Just eat within your daily points for the rest of the week. No big deal. Don't let one weekend of eating unhealthy make you so upset that you fall off the wagon for the next few weeks. That has happened to me before. Be proud that you realize where you are and are making plans to counteract this weekend. All you can do is move forward.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself! Just remember that tomorrow is a new day and be sure to stay within your daily pts allowance every day for the rest of the week. Saturday will be here before you know it! I agree with the PP that you should probably talk to FI how important it is for you to stay within the point restrictions for ultimate success in your weight loss. And maybe next time just have 8-10 pts worth of biscuits and gravy since you now know exactly how bad it is- I love them too! You could also suggest to him that you can still make the dishes you both love... just healthier. I found a couple of Mac and Cheese recipes on WW online.Also, way to go on the exercise! That should of canceled out at least a few of those extra points right? :)
  • If it makes you feel any better, I was just about to post the same thing! Today was horrible for me, food wise. We went to a baseball game and I had a hotdog, 1 beer, and split nachos with FI. Then for dinner we just had deep dish pizza! I only had 1.5 slices, but I did have a giant breadstick appetizer too. . . I put it all into Sparkpeople and it was waaaaay over my cals for the day, especially since I didn't workout today.  I feel pretty gross now, so that's my punishment.The important thing is not to let it derail you. I'm right back on track tomorrow, eating right, working out. . . We always have things that will come up, whether it's out of town visitors like I had this weekend or FI surprising you with a favorite meal.  Personally, I know it's unrealistic to think that I'm going to be a perfect eater all the time. That's the point of WW, too- you used your extra points for the week, so now you have to stay within your dailies for the rest of the week, and earn APs if you need to go over.  It's all about balance.
  • I plan to talk with FI to tell him that we need to eat even healthier and cant have these little slip ups..  but we never do this.. We maybe make this once or twice a year..  I just kinda felt bad but we always splurge on the weekends..
  • LOL all you girls sound crazy! sabotaging you because he made you a delicious breakfast?? come on! you can still eat something good, instead of eating 2 cut in half you could have ate 1 cut in half with a little gravy and then worked out. i personally wanted to lose a couple pounds but didnt work out before wedding. it is so hard to work and take care of 2 kids, uggh i am so tired by the time bed time comes i just wanna relax lol but you can eat sometimes and just work it off or just dont stuff yourself. i think its CRAZY to say he was sabotaging you i understand whats goin on here lol my hubbie to be thinks i look great for having his 2 kids but, i would like to lose maybe 20 pounds but really men dont think of that they want something good and they dont want to leave us out ya know? LOL its ok to splurge a little on the weekend, dont feel like crap then you wanna give up! just do good all week and workout and eat 1 thing you love on he weekendcongrats! you will look beautiful on your wedding day whether you lose 50 pounds or 2.
  • I'm hoping on the bad food weekend train! I had a horrible few days with emotional eating and partying and drinking. However I am back on track today and I know thats all that matters. I cant change the weekend but I can focus on the week ahead with all my planned meals and exercise.
  • Lucky- That is how I feel exactly.. He was just trying to surprise me & be nice.. We dont do this all the time & I thought it was sweet.. I plan to eat healthy, workout, and do my best..  I feel alot better now than I did earlier..
  • I also did bad this weekend... Saturday was alright, but I indulged in emotional eating yesterday. I found out that my college had moved the date for our finals (they brought them forward by a week) and for some reason I was the only one in my class whom they forgot to notify! If one of my friends from college hadn't asked me if I wanted to stay with her during the exams I wouldn't even have known! I'm sooo mad... Especially because I had to pay 500 bucks examination fee. So what if I had missed the exams?Oh and by the way... The first exam is tomorrow (September 1), so I have hardly any time to study. And this is why I ate pizza and ice cream with FI. I know it's not an excuse but I binged anyway. I went for a bike ride with FI on Saturday at 6AM (ugh too early for a Saturday morning) and we went swimming Sunday afternoon. Furthermore, I also exercised with Wii Active on both days, so I burned some calories and my slip-up was not as bad.However, I'm back on track as of today (it's already 11AM on Monday over here in Germany). Hwrd, I don't think your FI wanted to sabotage you and this weekend shouldn't discourage you. Just keep going, you can do it!
  • It is very hard for men to understand what we go through with our metablilism and what we can and cannot eat. My FI could eat that every weekend and his weight stays the same! Yeah he is heavier than when I first met him, but only by like 20 I gained like 60!!! It sucks! They just want to take care of us and let us know that they love us no matter what size or shape! I agree to just enjoy your biscuits but just a smaller portion than usual. I don't think he is sabotaging you I think he is just trying to comfort you and make you happy. As a side note I am totally jealous that my FI doesn't feel the need to lose weight before this wedding! Why am I the one that is so worried about it?? Maybe because he gets to wear a three piece suit and I have to have the upper half of my body out for the world to see!!?? Ok, there I feel better...Have a great week! Back on track!
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    Im obviously in the minority here but making you a breakfast thats so heavy and laden with carbs and im going to assume fat, doesnt sound supportive. A nice gesture sure, but a) making it to begin with, b) making enough that you would eat 32pts worth, is just going to trip you up. Feeling like crap after breakfast isnt worth it.
  • I dont think he was intentionally sabatoging you at all, I just think he doesn't really get it totally. Because I'm guessing that you really love food, and have always used food as a comfort/celebration thing in the past, so he automatically goes to that . For me, FI isn't unsupportive, but if I really want ice cream, he doesn't stop me, if you know what I mean. In their hearts they just want to make us happy, and if your FI is like my FI, he doesn't have a lot of recipes under his belt.
  • Start with a clean slate, and maybe do some more extra exercise to make yourself feel better.  I got a good tip recently that has been working.  After you eat something bad for you, really focus on how your body feels and try to remember.  I noticed that I feel a little sluggish and sometimes nauseous.  It's gotten to the point where I will think of that before I eat certain foods and don't want them anymore.Also, I don't think FI was sabotaging you, but it can't hurt to discuss being supportive with him.  I would much prefer FI surprise me with something I won't feel guilty eating and he knows that. He's actually gotten to the point where he will try not to eat things that I can't have in front of me.  Good luck!
  • I too am going to join in on this one...I was also really bad this weekend...and not due to FI..well except he did want Waffle House for b'fast yesterday morning.  I made all the bad decisions on my own, and now have to deal with the guilt.  The best thing I can advise you on is to just move on, learn from the experience and know what to not do in the future.  I asked myself this morning "was it really worth it"? if you wind up saying yes, then there is no reason for feeling guilty.  If you say no, then you know what to do next time this comes up. 
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