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  • I'm back from my bachelorette party (and so very tired)!!!  It was a great weekend, although I didn't count points.... Got back too late last night to head to the store so I don't really know what I will be eating today....  
  • hope the party was fun!im going to assume all my weeklies are gone cause we celebrated our 4th anniversary saturday and pigged out! i dont have the heart to calculate all that food and wine.B - 2 hardboiled eggs (4), coffee (1.5)S - 2 ww string cheese (2.5)L - chicken & spinach salad with ff/sf dressing (4)S - chobani blueberry yogurt (3)D - tbd something chicken.Total: 15Target: 27Weeklies: None (probably have some left but just in case)WI: Tuesdays

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  • Spain- Hope you had an awesome time at your b-party!Graceful- Congrats on 4 years! 4 years for FI and I is tomorrow... crazy how time flies :)So I gained .8 at WI this week.  Totally expected being that I used ALL of my WP and it was TOM. This weekend I didn't do all that well, used a lot of WP on mindless snacking! Time to start fresh today.  I WILL get to goal eventually!B- VitaMuffin Top, Lt eng muffin, tbsp SF jelly, coffee w/ skim = (3)L- Salad w/ RF dressing, chicken sandwich, apple = (4)S- WW yogurt, 1/2 cup Fiber1, grapes= (2)D- Tuna melt, veggies = (6)S- Popcorn w/ tsp oil = (2)Activity= The FIRM Total Muscle ShapingTotal Planned = 17Target = 21WP left= 13.5WI/Reset= Saturday
  • I totally pigged out this weekend :(  and although I did Shred on Saturday, there is no excuse for me doing so!  I am going to be good all week.  We do have our tasting on Saturday so I am going to make sure i workout that morning, eat a low pt breakfast and dinner to make up for it.  Sunday we have a family labor day party to go to, but I am certainly going to go prepared and will refrain from eating things I know I shouldn't.  I have to be strong..we only have 4 months to go! B-Oatmeal (3)  coffee (1) S-2 Plums (1) L-Healthy Choice Meal (6) Granola Bar (3) S-Apple (1) D-Dijon Pork Chops (5) Broccoli (0) S-Grapefruit (1)Target:21Total: 21E: 30 Day Shred
  • It sounds like this was not a good weekend for WW girls! I am included in that! I would never have thought that steamed crabs would be 2 pts each!! B: Egg beaters, 1/2 WW bagel, cream cheese, pb, skim milk (5.5)L: Turkey sandwich, yogurt (4.5)S: Strawberries (.5) popcorn (1)D: Pasta w/ sauce, 2 slices light garlic breadD: WW ice cream (2)E: jog/walk 60 mins in this BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather!!total: 17target: 22WPR: probably around 20ish :-/
  • Yeah last week was no good for me either...stayed the same weight and I ran 3 times (note - I hate running) so I was very furstrated but doing it anyways with a smile haha B - protien shake (9)L - 2 pbjs, carrots, peach , grapes (10)S - veggie chips and peach (4)D - 2 grilled chz, soup, skinny cow (10)Total/Target - 33E - some wii fit or a walk with FI it finally cooled down to 80s here :)
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