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NGISR: did I just get asked out on a date?!

So on Saturday I was doing a demo at a store that now carries my product, and one of the employees of the store came over and introduced himself. We chatted for about 5 minutes, mostly about me being afraid my car would get towed and the location of my store. So yesterday I get an email from him that it was nice chatting with me and to let him know if I ever want to grab a beer. . . um, what? We talked for literally 5 minutes.  Did he just ask me out? What am I supposed to do about this?

Re: NGISR: did I just get asked out on a date?!

  • Tell him sorry but you are engaged.  Weird...
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    I would personally just not adress the beer invite and casually mention my fiance at some point so he knows and it doesnt adress the snafu. thats just me though.
  • But the thing is, we're not friends. We met once, for 5 minutes. He only has my email address because he took one of my business cards. Should I write him back at all? FI thinks I should just ignore it altogether.
  • Do you think maybe he wanted to talk business or something?
  • No, he's like an assistant manager, I don't know why he would want to talk business. BTW, I was wearing my e-ring, which while it's not a traditional one, it's pretty noticeable, and at the very least looks like a wedding band.
  • Hmm maybe for networking purposes?  Sounds like a date to me though!  I've had this issue before, I find that if you mention somethng about your fiance, usuallly does the trick.  And if it doesn't he's a creepshow and you can tell him to go to hell.
  • If you do actually want to go, I wouldn't do it alone. Maybe ask a bunch more co-workers or friends so he gets the point.5 mins sounds like a short time to talk though, I'd just ignore the email and act like you never got it...
  • I hate when this happens. It's difficult b/c you can't assume that you're getting asked out - b/c if you aren't then youll really look stupid (can you tell that's happened to me before??) 1. Guys are clueless - mine didn't know what finger the ring was suppose to go on so.....thinking the ering wouldn't mean anything to him. 2. - did he give a specific date for the beer? like others said maybe you could drop your FI in the email casually - like my fi and I have plans this weekend but maybe another weekend? 3. most importantly would you want to hang out with this guy as a friend anyway??? GL figuring this one out keep us posted!
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