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Im getting sick :(

Ive been feeling it coming on for days now... I was tired all last week, my throat/glands were hurting a bit, I felt "off", and yesterday I was nauseous and mopey. I can feel it in my chest today, the raspy short of breath feeling. My throat is tickely and my head feels groggy. I do not wanna be sick, I havnt been sick in almost 2 years now. I dont want to miss spinning tomorrow but im worried that if it turns into a resperatory thing I wont be able to keep up in class. I know there have been posts about being sick in the past week but does anyone have any suggestions for getting through a hard cardio class if youre sick? Should i work out tonight to keep my energy levels up or will that potentially make me worse? Uuuugh I feel so whiney. I just wanna go home, take some nyquil and go to bed.

Re: Im getting sick :(

  • I'm sorry you're getting sick!  It's such a bummer.  I got food poisoning last week, so I couldn't work out on Thursday because I was so weak and I was really irritated about missing my workout.  This might not be helpful, but sometimes when I feel I'm getting sick I try to do some extra cardio while keeping a close eye on how my body is reacting (i.e. do I have the energy to do this?  am I starting to feel know your body).  Sometimes when I feel like you do and I do my regular, sweaty exercise, I end up feeling better; like I'm sweating out all the gunk, and it usually helps me clear my sinuses (gross, right?).  So, I think you should try to do some form of exercise tonight.  If it ends up making you feel better, then you should be fine with your class tomorrow.  If it ends up making you feel awful, then you should probably take tomorrow off.  I hope you feel better :)
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    Thanks :) Im thinking a work out, maybe just not at my regular pace, might be good for me tonight. Even if I dont feel better tomorrow I think I will still go to spinning and maybe just not push so hard. I hope that doesnt backfire on me!
  • Make sure to listen to your body though! I know it's hard because we have the "push through the pain" mentally ingrained in us during workouts, but if you're pushing and your body is telling you to stop, you should probably stop.  Being sick sucks enough as it is, probably shouldn't make it worse by making your body work overtime when it's already trying to fight.
  • GET YOUR REST....!! I have been doing the 6month fitness plan and last week was week 4 for me. I didnt work out once! Sunday last week I saw feeling horrible and it kept getting worse. the wed. I was in the hospital with all your symptoms and 102.7 temp. I have bronchitis and sinusitis i have antibiotics and finally am feeling better!! Still have a cough but will work extra hard this week to make up for being sick. Def get your rest dont worry about feeling like your slacking. You already have so many stars so you can keep going!!
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    Thats what im worried about. I started to get really wiped last week after spinning, and by Saturday I just couldnt muster up the strength to bother doing cardio, yesterday I didnt do anything at all. I am really torn between whether ill make it worse or better by working out. I never get sick so I have no idea how my body will react :(
  • Nebb - Get better!! If you can sleep the rest of the always helps me power through the crud.
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    I left work early and came home... id rather lose some pay and hopefully rest and get better than get worse and suffer or lose more pay for having to take an entire day off. Off to bed I go!
  • Fluids, Nebb, Fluids!  Get plenty of sleep and feel better soon!
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  • take care of you!  snuggle down with some pillows, tv or a book.  you can spin your muscles off when you feel better!  :D
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