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C25K podcasts

Anyone know where to find good ones?  What's the music like?  I like top 40, classic rock and maybe a little hip hop to work out to.

Re: C25K podcasts

  • I got mine off itunes it's free :) the one I listen to isn't really my general taste but it's good for the running.  There are a few weeks I'm not a fan of though. It's by Robert L I think it's a pic with a man running infront of a sunset. You;ll love the program it makes it so much easier to run GL!
  • I'm pretty excited, I convinced FI to do it with me.  Thanks for the rec.
  • I did Ullery's, it was pretty nice. I also googled them and just downloaded a bunch of different ones to mix it up. - um yeah, seriously its the website, but its rap music. good to run to. i cant remember the others but with a little research you can find several websites. i never had luck on itunes getting them all to dl but they used to have some on there.
  • Find the other one I use, with some pop and top 40ish music...
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